LEOSCAN – advanced car diagnostics for everyone

leoscan buddy2

small and powerful


Weighs only 50 gramms!


Supports over 100 car brands and special functions!


Small size and bluetooth connection!

What is BUDDY2?

BUDDY2 is a universal car diagnostics from LEOSCAN.

This is a small and compact device that fits in any pocket and is always with you.

In combination with any phone or tablet running Android and plugged into the diagnostic port of the car, it can be used to diagnose and detect problems and give additional information displayed immediately on the device screen.

Once installed, the application is always available and very easy to operate by anyone.

over 100 car brands and special functions available

BUDDY2 supports reading the vehicle identification number (VIN) of new cars after 2010, finding controllers, checking and erasing errors, monitoring live data, codings and configurations, adaptation and other specific dealer level functions.

Features such as DPF regeneration, throttle adaptation, injector coding, clear the service interval, calibration of the steering position sensor and tire pressure sensors are supported.

You can instantly search Google for the explanation of any recorded error or value directly on the phone screen.

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