LEOSCAN – advanced car diagnostics for everyone

leoscan gts600

smart and comfortable


Built-in thermo printer and barcode scanner!


Supports over 100 car brands and special functions!


Compact tablet and bluetooth connection!

What is the GTS600?

GTS600 is a universal automotive diagnostic system that combines the convenience of a tablet and a built-in thermal printer.

Large 5.5 inch IPS display and powerful battery for long operation. High-speed built-in printer uses the most common 58mm thermal paper to instantly print any error or message displayed on the screen.

Easily keep a record of every car with the identified problems and due repairs.

Use the full range of our software for all car brands and special features.

Updates are available for 2 years and you can purchase an extension at any time.

IMPORTANT! After the software update period, the device remains 100% functional!

over 100 car brands and special functions available

The kit consists of a sturdy plastic carrying case that holds the tablet and the interface, along with a convenient charging station and charging cords.

A safety adapter for the mains charger is also included.

The suitcase can be locked for greater security.

Connection between the tablet and diagnostic device is wireless for your convenience.

The built-in thermal printer is an irreplaceable assistant for keeping a clients record.

The system supports reading VIN numbers for newer model cars, identifying controllers, reading and erasing errors, tracking live data, coding and configuring, adaptation and other specific dealer-level features.

Features such as DPF regeneration, throttle adaptation, injector coding, resetting of service interval, steering wheel position sensor calibration and tire pressure sensors and more, are also supported and available as shortcuts.

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